Arturia Audiofuse 8Pre USB-C Audio Interface


AudioFuse was an outstanding maiden interface for Arturia. Wrapped in a futuristic design and several thoughtful features were squeezed into the desktop package.
Arturia has expanded the AudioFuse’s appeal by developing a rackmount version with more I/O. Meet the AudioFuse 8Pre.

Carrying over the innards from its predecessor, the most obvious difference of the new rack-able version is six extra preamps; eight in total, as opposed to two in the first and four in AudioFuse Studio. Metering has a similar look with the bright LED strip sitting next to each channel’s gain pot. Although the AudioFuse 8Pre only has one set of headphone outputs, we still get both 6.5mm and 3.5mm options — no stress if you can’t find that elusive adapter.

Firing up the AudioFuse 8Pre couldn’t be easier. Simply install Arturia AudioFuse Control Center, plug the interface into your computer and you’ll be auto-prompted through the usual protocol — firmware update, software updates etc.

Arturia’s DiscretePro preamplification appears in all AudioFuse interfaces and features separate circuitry for mic and line signal paths. Preamp specs state a noise floor of -129dBu and a dynamic range of nearly 120dB. A +10dB boost button takes the preamp’s gain range to a hefty 72dB with a -20dB pad also available. It’s a full, big sounding pre which stacks well in mixes, and the bucketload of gain is very quiet — dust off those ribbon mics! I love the tall and bright meters which make level-setting a breeze. A switchable high-pass filter would have nicely finished it off. Audio resolution is up to 96k and the DAC will give a respectable 119dB of dynamic range on the monitor outputs.