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Dynaudio Core 7 Active Studio Monitors


Dynaudio’s Core series of studio monitors has that feeling of getting back to basics. It was as if Dynaudio went a little too ‘mad scientist’ with the previous flagship studio speakers, the Air series, and Core is the natural course correction. The Air series was a bit of a marvel, no doubt. It promised to […]

Arturia Audiofuse 8Pre USB-C Audio Interface


AudioFuse was an outstanding maiden interface for Arturia. Wrapped in a futuristic design and several thoughtful features were squeezed into the desktop package. Arturia has expanded the AudioFuse’s appeal by developing a rackmount version with more I/O. Meet the AudioFuse 8Pre. Carrying over the innards from its predecessor, the most obvious difference of the new […]

DPA Helps Bring Transparent Nordic Sound


Dedicated microphone techniques and ensuring a clean and short signal path is how Norwegian Producer and Engineer Morten Lindberg achieves great sound capture for his classical music label, 2L. DPA microphones play a key part in this process because they provide the transparency and sonic clarity he needs for his projects. This is particularly true […]

Aston Microphones announces Element, the ‘People’s Microphone’


Aston Microphones are used the world over by countless artists, engineers and producers who rely on their incredible sound quality and near indestructible build for their work. Every Aston mic to date has been developed in conjunction with the Aston 33 panel, a 600 strong group of many of the top industry professionals in the […]

MXL Microphones’ Revelation II Now Available


MXL Microphones is now shipping its Revelation II microphone to customers around the globe. As the successor to the MXL Revelation, which is often regarded as the greatest microphone to ever come from MXL, the Revelation II will utilise the latest design and manufacturing technologies to offer the remarkable clarity and versatility of the classic […]