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Dynaudio Core 7 Active Studio Monitors


Dynaudio’s Core series of studio monitors has that feeling of getting back to basics. It was as if Dynaudio went a little too ‘mad scientist’ with the previous flagship studio speakers, the Air series, and Core is the natural course correction. The Air series was a bit of a marvel, no doubt. It promised to […]

Arturia Audiofuse 8Pre USB-C Audio Interface


AudioFuse was an outstanding maiden interface for Arturia. Wrapped in a futuristic design and several thoughtful features were squeezed into the desktop package. Arturia has expanded the AudioFuse’s appeal by developing a rackmount version with more I/O. Meet the AudioFuse 8Pre. Carrying over the innards from its predecessor, the most obvious difference of the new […]

DPA Helps Bring Transparent Nordic Sound


Dedicated microphone techniques and ensuring a clean and short signal path is how Norwegian Producer and Engineer Morten Lindberg achieves great sound capture for his classical music label, 2L. DPA microphones play a key part in this process because they provide the transparency and sonic clarity he needs for his projects. This is particularly true […]